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    At Ampère we strive our best to be an ethical company. Whether it’s through our CSR initiative with the Humane Society or through our production, we believe that the foundation of our company lies within this value. Each year we are heavily involved with our local Humane Society. We not only promote our company but we try our very best to help our local communities to foster care and love.
    Aside from being ethical we also believe that fashion should be affordable. We don’t target a specific client based on how deep their pockets are but rather we base it on their casual demeanor and mindset towards fashion and functionality. We believe in fair pricing so we never “over-charge” our consumers. Simply put, we don’t mark up our prices too significantly because we understand that fashion is a women’s freedom of expression and freedom of expression should be fair and just and for us, it’s fair and just to charge the minimal so that we can produce more of our goods, pay our expenses, and help take care of our families and communities.
    Lastly, our functionality is a priority for our bags. We believe that handbags should not only be simple but also functional. We want our customers to feel comfortable with the multiple pockets and zipper compartments!