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    You’re a woman of the modern age you have evolving needs, a fashion taste and an on-the-go routine. You want to make a bold fashion statement, but you don’t want to overdo it. You want to look trendy and smart, but you don’t want to lose the casualness of the day. You don’t have the time to put on accessories and dresses like the woman of the 80’s, you have much more exciting, urgent and demanding work to do in life. Where do you go for your fashion needs? To Ampère Creations.

    Ampère Creations is the solution for all your fashion needs and wants. Designed through keeping the modern woman in mind, Ampère Creations stands out for fun, excitement and music something that is central to a woman’s life and personality. The brand represents these elements in all its product lines from handbags to clutches to wristlets. Having different product lines for handbags, we give you the choice of not only multiple colors to choose from, but also multiple styles to pick the one that is most suitable to your needs and that matches your personality. Each handbag at Ampère Creations is personally fashioned and shaped by a skilled craftsman, who ensures detailing and product finishing at its best.
    Based in suburbs of Los Angeles, Ampère Creations started out as a small and local venture. However, because of the superior quality of products, the brand gained international recognition, and has grown up to become one of the most happening handbag providers for women. Ampère Creations is also appreciated for its active CSR initiatives. The company gives back to the society it has partnered with the Humane Society to ensure that customers are aware of its animal-friendly policies in the creation of these products.
    Ampère Creations stands out not only in its philosophy of operations and product designs, but in the very manner that they treat customers. At Ampère Creations, we believe that Ethics and Affordability are the foundation of our life cycle. We also believe that being a transparent company instills trust towards our brand. But most importantly, you, as a buyer and customer, are the most important asset, and we ensure you that all queries will be answered, before the purchase as well as afterwards. Visit us to choose a bag that reflects you- on the go!

    Pick your passion, pick your color, and give back. The choice is yours. Ampère it!